Tuesday, October 25th, 2016 was one of the craziest days in Cleveland history. The Cavaliers received their championship rings and raised the banner while the Indians played Game 1 of the World Series. That day will not be forgotten, but it may have another special day accompanied by it. Game 6 of the World Series between the Indians and Cubs, as well as the Cavaliers’ home game against the Houston Rockets, are both scheduled for Tuesday night in downtown Cleveland.

The Cavs are playing a regular season game, which normally wouldn’t be considered meaningless, but the Indians are playing to win their first World Series since 1948. The scene in downtown Cleveland is expected to be nuts, and because of that, the NBA and television networks have granted the Cavaliers an earlier (6:00 PM EST) start time for Tuesday’s match-up inside Quicken Loans Arena, rather than the original 7:10 PM EST scheduled tip-off. Doors to the arena will open at 4:30 PM EST.

The atmosphere on game night in and around both Progressive Field and Quicken Loans Arena has been electric. Fans from all over the world have purchased plane tickets and booked hotel rooms in the downtown area. Now, with this change in scheduling, fans will have a chance to catch both events with minimal overstepping.

Furthermore, patrons in attendance at The Q for Tuesday night’s game against the Rockets will be permitted to stay and watch Game 6 of the World Series on the “Humongotron” big-screen.

The first pitch in Game 6 of the World Series is scheduled for 8:08 P.M. EST directly across the street.

When asked if the team would be attending Game 6 of the World Series after their match-up against the Rockets, Cavaliers point guard Kyrie Irving was excited. Per Joe Vardon of Cleveland.com:

“Yea, for sure. It’ll be an experience of a lifetime. Game 6 of the World Series, man, hoo, that’s big time. I’m excited for them. I know the city is. I’m happy our game got moved up. I don’t mind moving it for the World Series at all. It’ll be an exciting time. Hopefully we can get a suite and we can walk over there as a team and watch our home team go for a championship as well.”

The city of Cleveland seems to be under the umbrella of a sporting renaissance. First, Stipe Miocic won the UFC title and the Monsters brought home the Calder Cup. Then, as most basketball fans will remember, came the Cavaliers’ epic comeback in the NBA Finals against the Golden State Warriors.

Will the Indians now carry the championship torch into the Lake Erie sunset, winning their first championship since 1948? Only time will tell.