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Bill Nye chimes in on Kyrie Irving's flat Earth theories

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This year’s NBA All-Star game has come and gone. After four quarters of dunks and highlight plays, the Western Conference managed to dispatch the East, 192-182, in a game that (once again) broke the All-Star game points total.

There were many takeaways from the weekend, but one in particular had people scratching their heads. On a podcast episode of Road Trippin’ with Channing Frye and Richard Jefferson, Kyrie Irving, Cleveland Cavaliers star point guard, claimed that the Earth is flat.

Bill Nye, everyone’s favorite middle school past time and long-time scientific personality, decided to chime in on Irving’s flat Earth theory. Lorraine Chow of EcoWatch has Nye’s response in her recent article.

It’s really concerning when you have people in the public eye — or people in general — who think the Earth might not be round,” Nye told Sports Illustrated. “It’s really an extraordinary thing.”

A heartbroken Nye went on to say that science shouldn’t be so easily dismissed, and that a lot of our technologies depend on it.

We have spacecrafts, we all depend on weather reports. We’ve got mobile phones, we’re talking on electric computer machines right now,” Nye stated. “So to have people that eschew or don’t accept or don’t embrace this method, this process that brought us all this remarkable technology … all this is through this process of science. And so it’s heartbreaking when we have people that even joke about it.”

“Uncle Drew” as Irving is affectionately known, has been receiving support from quite a few players around the association, including LeBron James and Draymond Green. Since making the claim, Irving has backed off on his stance a bit. It seems Irving was using this topic as a tool to show how most of the media will follow this type of story closer than the ones that are more important.

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