The 2015 Free Agency period for the NBA started July first and it has been one of the most hectic and active free agencies we have seen. Many players were retained and some moved on to other organizations. Now, lets break down the winners and losers of free agency with their grades.


Los Angeles Clippers

The Clippers looked like big winners in the beginning. They landed Paul Pierce to take over the SF position for them. He will bring veteran leadership and a proven closer in big games. But, the loss of Deandre Jordan is huge for the Clips. A defensive center who can protect the rim and score you high percentage baskets around the hoop. There is no doubt the Clippers will contend next year, but losing him definitely hurt their free agency grade.

Grade: C

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Portland Trail Blazers

This offseason has been a disaster for the Blazers. They lost their centerpiece and face of the franchise Lamarcus Aldridge. Not only will the Blazers be losing their star PF but also Wesley Mathews and Robin Lopez both left via free agency. They traded away wing player Nicolas Batum and overpaid for SF Al-Farouq Aminu. Had it not been for the huge extension they signed Damian Lilliard to, they would have earned themselves and F.

Grade: D-

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New York Knicks

The Knicks are in a similar situation as the Lakers. They missed out on big names free agents. The difference is, the Knicks made up for it a little bit by signing second tier guys Aaron Afflalo and Robin Lopez. These guys won’t make them a contender but giving Carmelo Anthony some help will surely give them playoff hopes.

Grade: C

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Sacramento Kings

Oh jeez, what an offseason it has been for the Kings. First it was trade rumors surrounding Demarcus Cousins combined with tension between the front office and coaches. Now they were turned down by Wesley Mathews who took less money to go play for the Dallas Mavericks. The Kings did sign Rajon Rondo to a 1 year deal but is that really a good thing? Also the Kings traded good young assets away to Philadelphia to dump salary. This offseason has been tragic but I’m sure Kings fans are used to it by now.

Grade: D+

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Los Angeles Lakers

There was once a time when the Lakers were able to entice nearly any free agent who hit the market. It is clear, that time has passed us. The Lakers were spurned by Lamarcus Aldridge and were not even granted a visit by Marc Gasol or Kevin Love. For an organization who relies so much on free agency, not getting any of the big names is definitely a loss.

Grade: D+

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Here, we have the winners of this 2015 free agency period. These teams made some franchise changing moves. Here are the top 5 winners and why, starting with the Milwaukee Bucks:

Milwaukee Bucks

This offseason has been the ultimate win for the Bucks. Its not very often a max player turns down offers from the Knicks and Lakers to go play for a cold weather small market team. Greg Monroe chose the Bucks because they have a more playoff ready roster. Not only did they land the big man from Detroit but also retained SG Kris Middleton which has been a priority all offseason long. The Bucks are emerging as one of the up and coming young teams in the Eastern Conference.

Grade: B+

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Dallas Mavericks

The Mavs seem to always be active in free agency, this year was no different. They did lose some pieces like Monta Ellis, Al-Farouq Aminu, and Tyson Chandler, but they did a good job of replacing them. Dallas signed Wesley Mathews and Deandre Jordan. Mathews comes with a little risk coming off a torn achilles. But Jordan was one of the most coveted free agents on the market. Bringing him in to play along side Dirk might give them the extra push to contend in the West. Overall this offseason has been a win for Dallas.

Grade: B

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Miami Heat

The Heat did well this offseason by just retaining their current players. They signed Goran Dragic to a max contract and Luol Deng opted in to stay another year. Most importantly they were able to retain Dwyane Wade for another season. Much speculation was made that he may leave via free agency to join the Lakers and Cavs. Another thing the Heat were able to do this summer was get a meeting with Lamarcus Aldridge. This meeting probably was to try to convince Aldridge to sign short term and have a chance to play in Miami with other stars in the near future. If this Heat team can stay healthy they should be in the top 4 spots of the East.

Grade: A

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Cleveland Cavaliers

Everything has gone right for the Cavs so far during free agency. First off they were able to land Kevin Love long term. This is huge for the organization going forward. Not only that but it looks as if they’ll retain Tristan Thompson and Iman Shumpert. And anytime you have the commitment of LeBron James to your basketball team, you automatically win. The Cavs are not done making moves but so far they’ve earned themselves a good grade.

Grade: A

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San Antonio Spurs

I am not sure how the Spurs did it, but they were able to contain Kawhi Leonard and Danny Green and still have enough cap space to land Lamarcus Aldridge. This did come to the expense of Tiago Splitter but I’m sure the trade off will be worth it. Aldridge joining the Spurs, means they have had a dream come true of an offseason. Lamarcus will take over the reigns when Tim Duncan leaves and made them immediate title favorites. The moves they have made so far prove to you why the Spurs are always so good.

Grade: A+