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Best Starting 5’s In 2014-15 NBA Playoffs

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The playoffs are now upon us and the top teams are raring to continue their momentum all the way and as deep as they can go. At the forefront of their attack is their respective starting lineups who have battled and clawed their way to get to where they are right now. We have examined each starting five of all playoff contenders and put into consideration their stats and other intangibles to come up with the best of the best.

5 – Chicago Bulls

Derrick Rose / Jimmy Butler / Mike Dunleavy / Pau Gasol / Joakim Noah

With 11 All Star appearances and an MVP award in between themselves, the Chicago Bulls’ starters boast of having the more decorated profiles among those who made our list. This Bulls team is so good that they were the preseason favorites to take the East. The team took a major hit when Derrick Rose went down for an extended period but he’s expected to play in the postseason. With a healthy, Rose and Butler, the Bulls are easily one of the best teams to avoid.

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