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Best Lineups For Cavs Without Kevin Love

Jason Miller | Getty Images

Now that we know the fate of Kevin Love, and will be without JR Smith for the first two games in the second round, the lineups that the Cavs put out will not look familiar to fans. Coach Blatt has already stated that players such as Shawn Marion, Mike Miller and Kendrick Perkins will be getting more minutes than they are accustomed to. The Cavs still have plenty of firepower and, if the coaching staff is willing to be creative, they can do things to create mismatches and take our next opponent out of their comfort zone. Here is a preview of five lineups that the Cavs may use to mix things up.

5. Kyrie Irving – J.R. Smith – Iman Shumpert – LeBron James – Tristan Thompson

Probably the most athletic lineup the Cavs could use this season would be this one. With Irving and Smith at the guards, Cleveland would keep shooting on the floor. Shumpert and James would be the lineup’s top defenders both able to guard wing players and James able to defend the 4. Tristan Thompson makes for a good offensive play while providing solid defense on the other end as well. Cleveland could use this small lineup to run the floor and stay active in the passing lanes for steals.

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