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Best Kyrie Irving Crossovers Of The 2014-15 Season

In the Cavaliers’ final regular season game last year against the Miami Heat, TnT color commentator Chris Webber repeatedly mentioned Kyrie Irving as the best ball handler in the NBA. Not Chris Paul, Stephen Curry, nor any other guard. It was Kyrie Andrew Irving of the Cleveland Cavaliers and C-Webb couldn’t be more on the dot. For years, Uncle Drew has flooded every form of visual media with countless of highlight reels showing his insane control of the ball and the norm hasn’t changed at all this year. Now that he returns, from a knee fracture that has held him out since the summer, we came up with Kyrie Irving’s 10 sickest crossovers of the 2014-15 season.

10 – Kris Crossed

Kyrie Irving was coasting against the defense of Kris Humphries, who had no chance of stopping Irving’s ankle breaker, until the inevitable happened and Kris got crossed.

9 – Manu gets a vicious one

In Kyrie’s career night in San Antonio, he made sure he’ll make a lasting impression on one Manu Ginobili with this crossover full of bad intentions.

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