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Anna Horford continues tradition of trash-talking Cavs in playoffs

Tristan Thompson Al Horford

En route to the last two NBA Finals, the Cleveland Cavaliers had to go through Al Horford and his then-Atlanta Hawks in the 2014 and 2015 NBA Playoffs. While the Cavs were able to sweep the Hawks both times, Horford took his talents north to the Boston Celtics in hopes of being able to defeat the Cavs, but alas, he’s on the verge of being swept by Cleveland’s professional basketball team once again.

While Horford has battled the Cavs on the court, his outspoken sister has battled the Cavs and their fans off the court and on Twitter. Last season, Horford’s sister Anna had some pretty heinous things to say about the beloved then-Cavalier Matthew Dellavedova, who is now with the Milwaukee Bucks.

Horford sis 2

Horford sis 1

Horford sis 3

With the Cavs and Celtics facing off in the Eastern Conference Finals this postseason, she was back on Twitter to go at the Cavs and their fans.

She’s defending her brother and everyone should hope their sibling has their back like this. Unfortunately, it’s not going to change the fact that the Cavaliers are likely going to sweep the Celtics, especially considering that Cleveland is going back home and Boston has lost Isaiah Thomas for the rest of the postseason due to a hip injury.

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