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Andrew Bogut Takes A Shot At J.R. Smith With Outrageous Claim

Andrew Bogut will miss the remainder of the NBA Finals after injuring his knee in Game 5. It was on an unfortunate J.R. Smith drive that Bogut came down awkwardly with Smith falling forward into Bogut’s knee.

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Ahead of Game 6 back in Cleveland, a frustrating Bogut is speaking out on the injury, and thinks that J.R. Smith had other intentions on the shot.

Per Diamond Leung of The Mercury News

“I don’t know how he fell and all that, but tough for interpretation,” Bogut said Thursday. “I blocked his shot. Somehow he cannon-balled right into my shin with his shoulder. It was painful.”

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Smith responded, saying it’s not like that at all.

“I fell slow to the ground, and he went down,” Smith said. “It’s a basketball play. It’s not like I’m out there trying to take his legs out.”

Now, this was a very bad looking injury. You never want anyone to roll under your legs, especially when you’re up in the air, but Smith’s momentum clearly carried him forward and eventually into Bogut’s leg. J.R. was also clearly trying to brace himself with a lot of contact expected in the paint. Not really his fault that he fell into Bogut’s leg the way he did however unfortunate it may be.

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Smith and the Cavs will try to tie the series up at three games apiece tonight at the Q.

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