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Allen Iverson Sees LeBron James As Closest Comparison In One Essential Aspect

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Based on skill, LeBron James has been compared to NBA greats such as Oscar Robertson and Magic Johnson. When it comes to the magnitude of his stature as the torchbearer of his generation, the Michael Jordan parallels come next.

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If it boils down to what’s in the core, the one that drives him to do things that were once thought as unimaginable, James got himself a comparison from none other than the player himself. Allen Iverson. In an ESPN interview with Rachel Nichols, Iverson bared the reason why he sees himself in the Cavaliers superstar.

The fight in him, that’s why I would say LeBron. LeBron ain’t got none of my game..but his heart, is all mine.

It’s hard to imagine at first. But when given a second look, it finally makes sense. Iverson, all 6-feet and 160 pounds of him should have no business doing the things that he did, but he still made the accomplishments. On the other hand, LeBron James’ package seemed too good to be true. Yes, he had the physical gifts, but what others fail to acknowledge is the hard work that comes along what he is now.

He’s not the first player to be as gifted physically while possessing similar talent. Like those specimens before him, James had as much flaw. His jump shot, free throw shooting, and defense were once questionable, but he put in countless hours to improve his craft. And the results are four Most Valuable Player awards, two championship rings, two Olympic gold medals, and an array of other accolades.

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While Iverson now has his book closed, James is not yet finished. With that kind of heart, more conquests are inevitable.

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