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Allen Iverson says Michael Jordan comparison already speaks a lot of LeBron James

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In the last few weeks, the conversation surrounding LeBron James‘ comparison to Michael Jordan has once again heated up in the sports world.

With the Cleveland Cavaliers clinching a third straight NBA Finals appearance, it has created a sense that James is further bolstering his resume alongside Jordan, who is widely regarded as the greatest player of all-time.

In light of all that, Hall of Famer Allen Iverson stated during an interview on Wednesday on “The Herd with Colin Cowherd” that just the pure fact alone that James is being mentioned in comparison to Jordan speaks to his legacy and ability on the court

“I love LeBron,” the 11-time All-Star said. “I hate the comparison with him and Mike. That tells you so much about what type of player he is if you compare somebody to black Jesus. (laughs)”

“But LeBron is going to be on the Mount Rushmore of basketball players, but a guy like me that looked up to Mike the way I did. I can’t put anybody before Mike. I wanted to be like Mike, and so many kids want to be like LeBron.”

To Iverson’s point, James has already put together an illustrious career that he will still add many more major milestones to it that will rank him among the greatest players to play in the NBA. He has numerous individual records that put him a category of his own.

Keep in mind, James is still just 32 years old with several more highly-productive campaigns ahead of him that could mean more MVP awards, All-NBA team nods, All-Star Game selections, and NBA championships.

There is still plenty more that James could add to his career that would make it a fairly strong argument for him to challenge Jordan for the grandest honor in the NBA.

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