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Al Horford’s Sister Really Hates Matthew Dellavedova, Cleveland

The Cleveland Cavaliers have had their notable haters and critics throughout their franchise’s history. From Skip Bayless and Charles Barkley to Joakim Noah and DeShawn Stevenson, Cleveland’s no stranger to receiving hate. This new hater is no different. This isn’t your household NBA name or analyst; instead, its the sister of Hawks talented forward/center Al Horford.

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By the looks of it, she hates Cleveland and Matthew Dellavedova almost as much as Joakim Noah, but its still a toss up. Guess she must still be a little salty about the 4-0 sweep the Hawks received courtesy of the Cavs last postseason as well as the 3-0 regular season sweep this season.

Now, the Cavs and Hawks meet up in the Eastern Conference Semifinals starting Monday, and you can expect two teams who don’t like each other.

Horford sis 2

Horford sis 1

Horford sis 3

You can expect to read a lot more hate tweets from her moving forward.

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