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A Year By Year Look At LeBron James


2013-2014 LeBron James

Miami was once again a solid team, but everyone was wondering about the impeding free agency in the upcoming summer. Indiana, determined to get the first seed in the East because they thought home-court advantage was key to defeating the Heat, earned their top spot and finishing two games ahead of the Heat in the standings. It wouldn’t matter however, as James led the Heat to a six-game series victory and head back to the Finals once again.

This NBA Finals appearance was outright embarrassing however, as the Spurs dismantled the Heat in five games after last year’s engaging seven-game series. The Spurs won by an average of 18 points, showcasing their incredible ball-movement which Miami just couldn’t figure out how to stop. Kawhi Leonard would win the Finals MVP award as the youngest to ever do it.

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