The Cleveland Cavaliers had a couple of draft picks in last night’s 2015 NBA Draft. With all of the rumors surrounding some superstar players, it was actually a bit of a disappointment that there weren’t more trades agreed on.

Here’s a recap of the Cavs draft night:

Many Cavs fans were a little confused and unhappy with the trading of Tyus Jones, who is coming off of his NCAA Championship with Duke University. If Cleveland had kept Jones, they would have to pay him a full salary right before they have to pay the huge tax bill that comes along with any first-round draft pick. By trading him, they avoided paying the tax, and got a pair of picks early in the second at 31 and 36.

The players the Cavs picked are better known as defensive players, so it remains to be seen if Cleveland will fill the point guard void they currently have.

The Cavs still have Brendan Haywood’s expiring contract to trade, so we’ll keep you updated on that situation.