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7 Things To Look For When The Season Starts

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The final roster is almost complete and training camp is near. The Cleveland Cavaliers will take their momentum from the Finals into perhaps the most promising season in franchise history. Armed with their new-found savvy from the playoffs, rejuvenated bodies, and new weapons, the Cavaliers are about to put on a show for their fanbase. On that note, we focus on the top things to look forward to, outside of a championship, from the Wine and Gold crew in the 2015-2016 season.

7. How many wins will the Cavaliers get?

The Cavaliers have all of the pieces in place to make a big run this season. This team is very well balanced and with the best player in the world on their side, less than 50 wins will be a disappointment. Look for the Cavaliers to get 65 wins or more this season if the team remains healthy.

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