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7 Reasons Why The Cleveland Cavaliers Will Be The 2016 NBA Champions

Aaron Josefczyk | AP Photo

3 – Lebron James and David Blatt’s Relationship

Yes, they didn’t start off on the best possible track last season. Yes, there have been reports of James taking over some of Blatt’s coaching duties even in the finals. But all those are to be taken with a grain of salt. David Blatt, unlike other rookie coaches, has no NBA connection whatsoever which makes it difficult for him to earn brownie points from the national media. hence, all these rumblings. However, if you read reports from outlets that have religiously trained their eyes on the Cavs all season, it’s a totally different story. LeBron James and David Blatt aren’t best buddies but that doesn’t take away anything from their player-coach relationship. Which superstar is best friends with his coach anyway? The basketball relationship of these two is constantly evolving and, despite numerous tirades from outside entities, their collective basketball knowledge are going to take the Cavaliers all the way to the top of the mountain.

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