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7 Reasons Why LeBron James Will Surpass Michael Jordan As The Greatest Player Ever

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1. LeBron Will Win More Championships

YES! I addressed the elephant in the room, championships. We all know Michael Jordan won 6 titles and currently LeBron only has 2. But LeBron is only 30 years old and Michael didn’t win his first ring until he was 28 so LeBron is right on track. Not only that but LeBron is surrounded by a young nucleus of players ready to explode and win championships. Kyrie Irving is only 23 and Kevin Love 26, not only them but Thompson and Shumpert are young guys as well. Also, no one attracts veteran players chasing rings more than LeBron James. Behind a great front office, good ownership, loyal fans, and a great supporting cast, the Cleveland Cavaliers will win for years to come and LeBron James will finish with more than 6 titles.

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