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7 Reasons Why LeBron James Will Surpass Michael Jordan As The Greatest Player Ever

Christian Petersen | Getty Images

Christian Petersen | Getty Images

5. Supporting Cast and Coach

Michael Jordan played in one of the most stable situations possible. He had the greatest coach ever in Phil Jackson, a hall of fame sidekick in Scottie Pippen, and the best role player ever in Dennis Rodman. LeBron in his first stint with Cleveland only had Mike Brown and an over-the-hill Shaq. For heavens sake LeBron took a starting lineup of Larry Hughes, Sasha Pavlovic, Drew Gooden, and Z to the NBA Finals. Yes LeBron did win 2 championships with Wade and Bosh but Jordan did not do it by himself either. LeBron has returned to a young inexperienced Cavs team and will try to lead them to some rings. Jordan had it relatively easier with his coach and supporting cast.

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