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7 Reasons Why LeBron James Will Surpass Michael Jordan As The Greatest Player Ever

Ronald Martinez | Getty Images

6. Opponent Talent

LeBron is playing in a more talented league than Jordan did. Now LeBron has to go up against multiple superstars, greats, and legendary teams every year. Whether it is Kevin Durant who might turn out to be an NBA great, facing the Spurs in three NBA Finals, or having to play against Kobe during his first stint with the Cavs. Now this is not to say that Jordan didn’t play against great players, he had to take down the Bad Boy Pistons, Bird led Boston Celtics, and Magic Johnson with the Lakers. But once Jordan lost in the late 80’s vs these teams, talent started to fade from the NBA in the 90’s. Overall the talent and skill level is much high in every NBA player now than in Jordan’s era.

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