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7 Reasons Why LeBron James Will Surpass Michael Jordan As The Greatest Player Ever

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The LeBron James vs Michael Jordan discussion will always come up. Right now there is no real answer to the question of who is a better overall player. But whether or not LeBron will be the greatest ever when his career is over is obvious, he will be. Some may disagree but that is only because they are so used to calling Jordan the best. It has been drilled into our minds for years that Jordan is the best ever. We are so caught up in denying that anyone will be better, that we have totally neglected LeBron’s greatness. Here are seven reasons why LeBron will go down as the greatest basketball player ever when it is all said and done, starting with number seven.

7. Pressure and Hype

When LeBron came into the league, there was as enormous amount of hype about him. He was the most hyped up athlete in sports history. He was going to be the next Michael Jordan and the entire world was ready to watch. The amount of pressure put onto him as just a young 18 year old kid was crazy. To have the transition from high school into the NBA like he did was insane. Jordan was good at North Carolina but was not hyped up like LeBron. An enormous amount of expectations were set on LeBron. Whether or not he would live up to the hype and expectations was up to him, he sure has.

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