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6 Trade Options For The Haywood Trade Exception

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The Cleveland Cavaliers got themselves quite an expensive set of gift cards when they traded Brendan Haywood and Mike Miller in a package to the Portland Trail Blazers for some cash and a couple of Traded Player Exceptions. Prior to this trade, Cleveland was also the recipient of two player exceptions from separate deals in the past. The first one, which they got from the LeBron James trade to Miami, was left to expire while the second exception, acquired from the Keith Bogans trade to Philadelphia, was used in a package that sent Timofey Mozgov from Denver to Cleveland. Now, David Griffin is faced with the pleasant problem of finding the perfect exchange piece for those two Traded Player Exceptions. Cavs Nation presents a list of possible targets for the bigger player exception worth $10.6 million. Note that being a taxpayer, Cleveland is allowed to take in a little over $13 million.

6. Channing Frye (ORL, $8.2 million)

The Magic are going nowhere next season making Channing Frye an expendable part of their roster. The Cavaliers will find use for Frye as he’s still one of the deadlier shooting bigs out there. Frye’s presence would give the Cavs another floor spacer outside of Kevin Love who can drag opposing centers out of the paint. Frye is a rare weapon that could be a great addition to LeBron James’ kickout options.

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