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6 Things to Think about after the Cavs Media Day

David Liam Kyle

5. Kevin Love is more than a great fit, he’s a perfect fit.

Kevin Love was extremely humbled today, and he didn’t take his first moments in the Wine & Gold for granted. In his press conference and interviews, Kevin Love was asked multiple times about the process he went through this summer. From the moment he talked to LeBron, he was going to get the chance of a lifetime. A common phrase used by LeBron to describe Kevin, and vice versa, was “unselfish by nature.” Kevin Love and LeBron have very similar mentalities and approaches to the game, adding a tremendous amount of potential to their capabilities as teammates. While Kevin Love doesn’t have the playoff experience like LeBron, he did talk about watching and examining the playoffs during his 6 years in Minnesota. Coupling hard work behind the scenes with a similar basketball thought-process as LeBron makes Love a very dangerous asset to LeBron.

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