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6 Things to Think about after the Cavs Media Day

Lisa DeJong/The Plain Dealer

3. LeBron seems more determined to win than when he was in Miami, which is scary to think.

If you thought LeBron’s desire and satisfaction in winning a championship was high as a Miami Heat, you’ll truly feel the intensity of his words when says bringing a championship to Cleveland would be “the greatest achievement in [his] life as far as on the court.” In addition to the greater demand in expectations, LeBron is increasing his demand of work in order to accomplish his greatest basketball endeavor. 4 years ago he counted “not 1… not 2… not 3…” championships he would win, today he counted the number of months in the calendar year the Cavs can’t forget to train in order to get there. He’s taken this challenge as an opportunity, and he knows after being “2 up and 2 down” what it takes to win. You can feel LeBron’s determination:

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