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6 Things to Think about after the Cavs Media Day

David Liam Kyle/NBAE/Getty Images

Basketball notifications were blowing up today, as the Cavs Media Day introduced the new and dramatically improved roster of the Cleveland Cavaliers. It was a day of interviews, photo-shoots and press conferences for the media to start trending on Twitter, posting on Instagram and sharing on Facebook. It was the first time we saw our big three together in uniform. The images looked photoshopped and the press conferences felt surreal; it was all magical. A lot of was said between interviews and press coverage of LeBron, Kyrie, Kevin and both Coach Blatt and GM David Griffin. There was no shortage of optimism, and probably an overabundance of excitement. Each player is ready to learn, grow and win. Humble and hungry, today this team celebrated Cleveland’s amazing summer and focused in on its season ahead. While much of what was said today was expected, there were a lot of moments of realization where we felt we learned something new. Here are 6 things to think about after the Cavs Media Day: Continue to the next page!

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