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5 Things The Cavs Must Do To Win The Pivotal Game 5

The Cleveland Cavaliers return home now with the pivotal Game 5 tonight and a 3-2 series lead on the line against the Toronto Raptors. Through the first two games, it looked like this series would be a cakewalk. In the last two games, this has looked like a tight series that can go either way. Here are the five things the Cavs need to do to win tonight’s big Game 5 and take a 3-2 lead into Toronto for Game 6.

*All stats courtesy of NBA.com/Stats and Basketball Reference

5. Get Back To Attacking The Paint

In the first two games of the series, the Cavs averaged a whopping 53 points in the paint, led by LeBron James’ 18 points and Kyrie Irving’s 12 points in the paint per game. In the two losses on the road? 28 points in the paint per game, led by LeBron James’ 13 point average. The next highest is Richard Jefferson with six points in the paint per game. Kyrie Irving, who lives on getting to the basket, has a combined six points in the paint in two games after putting up a combined 24 in the first two games.

There’s no denying the effect that Bismack Biyombo has on defending the paint, but playing Kevin Love and Channing Frye will help spread the floor and open up some driving lanes for James and Irving. In the 4th quater of Game 4, the Cavs got to the paint over and over again by dragging Biyombo out of the paint and forcing him to guard the sizzling-Channing Frye.

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