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5 Things Cavs Must Do To Defeat NBA’s 2nd Ranked Grizzlies

Nelson Chenault | USA Today Sports

Today, the Cleveland Cavaliers take on the Memphis Grizzlies who currently have the NBA’s second best record at 21-5. The current Southwest division leaders come into the Sunday matchup 9-3 on the road, looking to recover from their 103-97 home loss to the Chicago Bulls on Friday night:

The Cavaliers defeated the Brooklyn Nets on Friday, 95-91; they’ll be looking to win consecutive games for the first time since winning December 8th and 9th against the Nets and Raptors. They hold an overall record of 15-10 and are 9-5 at the Q.

This will indisputably be Cleveland’s most difficult challenge of the season to date. The Grizzlies pose threats to some of the Cavaliers’ greatest weaknesses, bringing a notion of completeness to an inconsistent and vulnerable Cleveland squad. Their hands will be full, but with concerns comes urgency; the Cavs must bring intensity to wrestle this dogged Grizzlies lineup. What’s more important, however, is the Cavs’ game plan. Here are 5 things the Cavs must do in order to defeat a formidable Memphis Grizzlies team.

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