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5 Signs Dwyane Wade Is Seriously Considering the Cleveland Cavaliers


Dwyane Wade could be a free agent if he and the Heat don’t agree on some sort of contract that both parties that pleases both. Wade was reportedly offered a contract that was around $10 million per year, far below what he was expecting.

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After being a little offended at that offer, reports are that Wade will test the market to see if he can get anything better or move to a better title contender. We at Cavs Nation think there’s a good chance Wade would consider The Land. Here are five signs that Wade is at least considering the Cavs this summer:

5. Gabrielle Union’s Twitter Activity

This is probably the least likely sign, but even fans have to admit this is something. Wade’s wife Gabrielle Union favorited this tweet over the weekend. That got a lot of Cavs fans telling Union she’d be welcome in Cleveland too.



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