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5 Reasons Why Cleveland Should Keep Its Core

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So far this offseason the Cavs haven’t done a lot outside of keeping their core together and signing Mo Williams. They may not have added much to the roster but sometimes, simply retaining what you have now is the right move. By doing this, the Cavs give themselves an advantage over teams who are adding new players, hence, more time is needed for them to build chemistry. Three major pieces in Tristan Thompson, J.R. Smith, and Matthew Dellavedova have yet to re-sign but it is imperative for Cleveland to bring most, if not all, of them back to their fold. On that note, here are five reasons why the Cavaliers need to bring back the old gang.

5. Team Chemistry

Going into last season, building team chemistry was the Cavs’ biggest challenge as most of the guys have never played together. But now, after having a good and lengthy run that saw them face some adversity, the Cavs should have already developed great team chemistry. On the other hand, teams that have added new players this offseason must be patient while their cohesiveness improve.

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