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5 Reasons Why Cavs Can Still Win The Championship

Jason Miller | Getty Images

4. Joe Harris

Yes, Joe Harris is a rookie. Yes, he has only played 3-4 minutes and it was during the blowout loss in Game 4. Despite his inexperience, he is a better 3 point shooter and defender than Mike Miller, James Jones, or Shawn Marion due to his youth and quickness. It may be a little bit early to go with the rook, but you never know what could happen. With J.R. and Shump playing poorly on both ends, Blatt took both out at one point during game 4, and the defense and offense fell apart. With Harris in there, he has the potential to have a hot shooting night and help the Cavs win Game 5.

Let’s be real here, it’s almost impossible to shoot worse than Smith and Shumpert have, so why not give the rookie a chance. If he does make an impact, he wouldn’t be the first unlikely player in this series to do so.

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