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5 Reasons Why Cavs Can Still Win The Championship


After a disappointing Game 4 loss against the Golden State Warriors, some Cavs fans are freaking out about the series, deeming that the Cavs have lost. They haven’t yet, with the series tied 2-2, and here are five reasons why Cavs fans should still have hope in the Cleveland Cavaliers winning the championship.

5. Lineup Changes

In the 2014 Finals with the San Antonio Spurs against the LeBron-led Miami Heat, the Spurs ultimately came away with the Championship, winning in 7 games. Much of this is credited to the Spurs coaching staff, who decided to start Boris Diaw instead of Tiago Splitter at the Center spot, creating a mismatch for Chris Bosh. The Heat failed to adjust, and then lost in game 7. The Warriors made a similar change after noticing the lineup switch that the Spurs made, inserting Iguodola at PF and taking Andrew Bogut out of the starting lineup. Iguodola exploited the Cavs bigs, shooting 4 3’s on the night. The Cavs must make a similar change, taking Mozgov or Thompson out of the starting 5 and inserting another shooter to pair up with Iguodola. David Blatt seemed hesitant to make the change in game 4, and reports say that the Cavs veterans thought that they should have changed up the rotation, as it is getting quite predicable. We shall see if Blatt changes things up, and how it plays out on Sunday.

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