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5 Reasons Why The Cavs’ Trade For Kevin Love Was Successful

#5 The Need To Win Now

The heavily touted Andrew Wiggins is a superstar in the making, some say he will be good enough to be the face of a franchise in years to come. With LeBron James turning 30 on December 30, Anderson Varejao at 32 years of age, Mike Miller at 34 and Shawn Marion at 36, the Cavs didn’t have the 2-5 years it is going to take for Wiggins to blossom into the league’s next superstar.

At 26 years of age, Kevin Love still has a lot of learning and improving to do. He also provides a much better chance to win now, with LeBron still in his prime. A perfect balance seems to be there in age with LeBron at a near 30, Love at 26 and Kyrie at 22 years of age. Our Big 3 will challenge eachother at practice, while the future of our ball club is still in great hands with Kyrie and Love going into the future.

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