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5 Reasons Why The Cavs’ Trade For Kevin Love Was Successful

#4 Love Is The Better fit

Kevin Love provides something that both Anthony Bennett and Andrew Wiggins were never going to be able provide in Cleveland, floor spacing. Kevin Love may be the league’s very best compliment to Kyrie Irving and LeBron James. Sure, he doesn’t exactly provide the same highlight baseline dunks and alley-oops that Wiggins would have provided ESPN with, but is a much better fundamental fit.

Love stretches the floor, extending his range to “deep in the Q”, giving LeBron, Waiters and Kyrie more room to work with in the paint. If Love’s long range touch is off on any given night though, he is also a great low post scorer, and can do so in may ways.

Lets say the Cavs never made the trade, and Wiggins started at the 2 guard for Cleveland, meaning TT would be the starting power forward. TT is at his best scrapping for rebounds, and putting the ball back in the bucket after missed shots. That means Thompson needs the paint to be productive, taking more operating room away from Cleveland’s superstars. While Wiggins shooting touch has improved out of sight since he first suited up for Kansas, he’s not Kevin Love from the outside.

Kevin Love gives Cleveland’s stars much more room to work with, and is such a highly touted scorer that he demands a defender be guarding him at all times. Meaning less double-teams on his team mates, and when double teams happen, he is almost a sure fire option to make the defense pay for their decision.

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