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5 Reasons Why The Cavs’ Trade For Kevin Love Was Successful

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#1 Kevin Love Has More Than Desire To Win, He Has Desperation

Many see the fact that Kevin Love never made the playoffs in his 6 year stint with the Wolves as bad thing, I see it as a positive. First off, competing in the Western Conference with your second scoring option being Ricky Rubio is tough, or laughable, whichever word you fancy.

6 years of losing for Love has to spark a desperate want to win, the same desperate want that his fellow Cavaliers share. In Kyrie and Thompson’s three years and Dion Waiters two years in Cleveland, the playoffs have only been a far away dream. Four key components to this Cleveland team have never played in meaningful games late in the season, but that’s about to change.

With Kevin Love in the house, standing alongside proven NBA champions LeBron James, Mike Miller, James Jones and Shawn Marion, the NBA will be on notice in May. This team will be desperate to prove themselves, and begin the NBA’s next dynasty.

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