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5 New Year’s Resolutions For The Cavaliers

David Liam Kyle | Getty Images

0. Patience

Developing a championship team with so many young guys is a learning experience that takes time. Fans shouldn’t be too worried, and all that fan talk and buzz about trading everybody away is ludicrous. While a trade is necessary to bolster interior defense, the core needs to remain intact. No good team was built in half a season, maybe besides the 2008 Celtics (which was comprised of veterans who were willing to self-sacrifice, and a coach that clearly explained every player’s role). The team first needs to establish an offensive identity where everybody knows his own role and knows each other’s tendencies, as well as CEMENT in a defensive philosophy that resonates within each and every player. James has made it clear:

“You learn from experience, man. You go through them and you figure out ways and which button to press as far as you as an individual, what helps the team…”

“…We haven’t been together long. People want instant success so much in our sport and I think that’s too hard to ask for when a team comes together for the first time. I understand it. I know what it takes and we’re going to have moments where it doesn’t look so good. We’re going to have moments where it looks great. And then we’re going to have moments where it just doesn’t seem like it can get any better or get any worse. That’s why you kind of stay even keel with the whole process and understand that if you believe in what you put in, believe in the work that you put in and the process, then things will shape its way out. It takes time.”

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