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5 New Year’s Resolutions For The Cavaliers

Chuck Crow | The Plain Dealer

1. Bench NEEDS To Step Up

After the loss of Anderson Varejao, Tristan Thompson will be entered into the starting 5 position. TT needs to develop into more of a starting center material. He will need to do more than get offensive rebounds and putbacks, from here on out. In a very shallow front court, he will need to learn to alter shots from the weak and strong side, while still being able to cover his area and man so that the interior defense doesn’t completely collapse.

Mike Miller must find his shooting stroke again. He is another liability on the defensive end, and without that shooter’s touch he’s famous for backing him up, he has no serious value on this team. It would be a shame if his signing turned out to be a bust. He has gotten out of his severe slump and has been playing better in December, but he needs to maintain consistency. There have been glimpses of potential, however. With James out and Love missing the fourth quarter of the Cavs recent loss to the Atlanta, the Cavs bench rose to the occasion, out-soaring the Hawks’ second unit 35-29.

Many early leads are lost because the bench is so weak and inconsistent. Good teams are able to stay competitive, even with their stars sidelined, because of a good system in place in which players can still establish game fluidity and intensity because bench players know how to fill those multimillion dollar shoes.

What about Cavs Nation – what’s our New Year’s Resolution as fans? Continue to the next page to find out!

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