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5 New Year’s Resolutions For The Cavaliers

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4. Coaching Needs Competence

Blatt needs to take full command of the reigns. The most celebrated NBA coaches, Pop, Thibs, and Doc Rivers all have complete control over the locker room and Blatt needs to mirror that. He cannot continuously allow his players to dictate decisions that should be his. He was the one hired to do the game planning and he needs to manage their egos and ensure that they follow his orders. He cannot keep allowing LeBron to compromise his position as head coach by interrupting and overshadowing him. James has mostly expressed indifference towards the Coach, and so Blatt must respond with competence and leadership.

Blatt’s sets revolve around a lot of ball movement, cuts and screens. If the team would actually run his plays, LeBron would be able to conserve his energy because he wouldn’t need to take on so many isolation and pick and rolls plays. Ideally, this would lead to fewer defensive lapses and turnovers from the King as well.

The system in place has been set by Coach David Blatt, but the players need to believe in it, and show that they are willing to run his sets. This team is extremely talented but their capabilities are not being maximized by Coach Blatt. He is known for being experimental and logical, so he needs to show that regardless of NBA experience – he didn’t win all that hardware overseas for nothing. It goes beyond just changing starting lineups.

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