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5 New Year’s Resolutions For The Cavaliers

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5. Big 3 Must Reach Offensive Potential

Kyrie Irving is tremendously gifted when handling the ball, but he has to learn to play better off the ball. He should look to Dwyane Wade’s play during the Miami Heat’s LeBron era for some guidance.

Kevin Love needs to be more active in the Cavalier offense. At times during the game, you might even forget the fact that a $16 million player is on the court. He has to become more assertive and demand the ball in the post, rather than just be delegated to jump shooting responsibilities. Before he joined the Cavs, his numbers were expected to decrease, as they have, but his efficiency was expected to increase, but without a definitive roe, his efficiency has actually decreased. The issue is too many forced threes and a lack of a definitive role.

LeBron James also has to recreate some of the magic from his Heat days and play better off the ball as well. Focusing on moving without the ball when he’s not the primary ball handler has led to skyrocketing FG and 3PT percentages. Even though he is still shooting a respectable 48%, keep in mind that he can do much better, and was shooting a ridiculous 56.7% on an injury depleted Heat team last season. Also, because of the “hero ball” he’s been playing, he has been turning over the ball frequently this season, averaging 3.8 turnovers per game, the highest in his career.

When the Big 3 scored 81 against the Bucks with a balanced attack.

The Cavs are obviously supremely talented on the offensive end of the floor, ranking 4th in the league in offensive efficiency (107.3), 7th in assist rate (17.7), and 8th in true shooting percentage (55.5%). However, at times during games, you see a lot of isolation between LeBron and Kyrie, resulting in Kevin Love playing like a glorified James Jones and a lack of offensive fluidity. The Cavs depend too heavily on their Big 3, as evidenced by their pathetic 80 points without Kyrie Irving against the Detroit Pistons.

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