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5 Keys For The Cavs To Win Game 2

Scott Cunningham | Getty Images

5. Limit Kyrie Irving’s Workload

While Kyrie denied any pain prior to Game 1, his minutes were still limited due to his lingering left knee tendonitis and right foot injury. While only playing a conservative 27 minutes, the Cavs were still able to get the win. While the game was close at times, Delly and LeBron were able to share the load at point guard and secure the game. Kyrie is used to a physical style of play, constantly driving to the basket and usually taking some hits. Kyrie needs to be smart about this style of play and prevent future injury, which would be detrimental to the Cavs. Kyrie did a good job of this in Game 1, letting LeBron drive while staying patient spotting up around the perimeter. Allowing Kyrie to get as much rest and healing as possible should help the Cavs gear up towards a Finals run.

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