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5 Injuries and How They’ve Affected The East Playoffs

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Injuries are a part of any sport. The NBA, however, has been hampered with injuries this season more than past years, and it’s really affected a lot of teams and their outlook on the NBA playoffs. We take a look at the top five injuries and how they’ve affected the playoffs this season.

5. Dwyane Wade SG, Miami Heat

Wade played in 62 out of the possible 82 games this season. He looked good when he did play, but often struggled with injuries as he has his whole career. Wade was able to tough out and play 19 of the final 21 games for the Heat, who were stuck in the seventh seed for most of the season, but couldn’t stay consistent enough to retain their seeding. His absence along with another Heat player later in this gallery is the reason the Heat weren’t able to lock up a playoff seed this year after four consecutive NBA Finals appearances.

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