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The whole structure of the NBA changed during the free agency period of 2010, where some major stars at the time took their talents elsewhere. With today marking the 5th year that LeBron James decided to leave Cleveland to play for the Miami Heat. In honor of that, we look at the five decisions that affected the NBA the most in 2010, other than LeBron James’ of course. We start with number 5:

5. Carlos Boozer

From Utah Jazz to Chicago Bulls

Carlos Boozer was on a solid Jazz team with Deron Williams, but ultimately decided to get a better opportunity to shine and to get paid with the Bulls. He became a major defensive liability in Chicago and was often not on the court late in games due to it.

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4. Shaquille O’Neal

From Cleveland Cavaliers to Boston Celtics

Shaquille O’Neal was way past his time with the Cavs, but still made about $20 million in 2009-10. When LeBron James bolted for Miami, Shaq looked for another contender who could bring him an NBA Championship. That would be the team that just barely lost in the NBA Finals: the Boston Celtics.

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3. David Lee

From New York Knicks to Golden State Warriors

David Lee was a very solid forward in New York, and ended up moving to the Bay Area when he was offered a better role and more money from the Warriors. Lee was the focal point of the Warriors offense for about three years until he became a bit of a defensive liability and the Warriors started playing small ball. He was able to secure an NBA Championship last year, and has now been traded to the Celtics for the final year of his contract.

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2. Amar’e Stoudemire

From Phoenix Suns to New York Knicks

Stoudemire was a big part of the Suns’ offense with Steve Nash, but the opportunity for more money, a bigger market, and the chance to be ‘The Guy’ was too much for Amar’e to pass up. Unfortunately, Stoudemire suffered some knee injuries that severely hampered him for the rest of his career. It’s a shame really, as Stoudemire was one of the most athletic power forwards the game had seen before the injury bug hit him.

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1. Chris Bosh

From Toronto Raptors to Miami Heat

Bosh left the chance to be “The Guy” when he moved from Toronto to Miami, and also left a lot of money on the table. He played third fiddle with the Heat behind LeBron James and Dwyane Wade, and was a major contributor to the Heat’s two championships and four straight Finals appearances. Now Bosh is arguably the lead guy with Wade struggling through injuries.