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5 Changes Cavs Need To Make To Win Game 2

By Zak Zevchik

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Greatness from LeBron

It does feel a little weird criticizing LeBron for a performance in which he scored 19, pulled down 15 boards and dished out 9 assists. But I think anyone who watched Game 1 would agree with me in saying he looked timid. He was hesitant to shoot the ball when he had good looks and when he did shoot it he only knocked down 9/22. He turned the ball over 6 times and only made it to the free throw line once. This could be a result of being rusty or maybe it’s because of his history with this Bulls team. LeBron can’t expect Kyrie to carry the load , he has done well so far but he doesn’t have the experience to do it consistently. With that being said, in Game 2 LeBron has to be great, plain and simply. He needs to have performances like he did with Miami in the playoffs. Or maybe even one that he had with the Cavs a while back, in Detroit.

Game 2 is on Wednesday and needless to say, the Cavs need to improve on their play. Contributions from Shumpert similar to his in Game 1 will be crucial for a Cavs win. Making adjustments in between games in the playoffs are what make championship teams, and hopefully the Cavs will be able to do just that.

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