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5 Changes Cavs Need To Make To Win Game 2

By Zak Zevchik

Geoff Burke | USA TODAY Sports

Veteran Contributions

Overall bench contribution on the side of the Cavs was minimal in Game 1, more so because of the absence of Iman Shumpert. Shump put up 20 points including four three-pointers in the start. Blatt stayed with a nine-man rotation including three veterans with championship pedigree. The only problem was, they didn’t contribute much. The Cavs have made 4 role player additions to their team of which have been contributors on deep playoff and championship runs. These include Shawn Marion, Mike Miller, James Jones, and Kendrick Perkins. In Game 1 they played a combined 30 minutes and only scored 3 points between them. In order for the Cavs to win Game 2 they need strong play from these veterans, they have been in this situation before and need to guide the way for the young players.

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