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5 Changes Cavs Need To Make To Win Game 2

By Zak Zevchik

Jeff Haynes | Getty Images

Defend the Pick & Roll

A huge factor in the Game 1 victory for the Bulls was their pick and roll offense. It allowed them to get mismatches, open jump shots, penetrations, and ultimately lead to good looks at the basket. Primarily Derrick Rose would start up top and Pau Gasol came to the top to set a ball screen. In this situation you have two options, either switch on the screen or fight through the pick and allow for help to take care of penetration. When the Cavs would fight through the pick it would make the defender guarding the screener help defend penetration allowing the screener to pop open for a 18 foot jumper. We saw this multiple times from Gasol and he nailed the 18 footers unconsciously. After a second half adjustment the Cavs began switching on the ball screen. This is where the mismatches happened. It would put the point guard (primarily Kyrie) on Pau Gasol in the post and the big man on Derrick Rose. The Bulls took huge advantage of this opportunity letting Derrick Rose go to work isolated with Tristan Thompson defending him. In game 2, David Blatt and his coaching staff need to find a strategy for pick and roll defense and stick with it.

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