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5 Changes Cavs Need To Make To Win Game 2

By Zak Zevchik

David Richard | USA TODAY Sports

On Monday night, the Bulls pulled off a road victory in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals. Not only is winning road playoff games essential to championship runs, but they also set the tone for this series, especially with it being the first game. The Bulls started hot and the Cavs looked rusty after a lengthy break from game action. Cavs fans may be nervous about this matchup, but here are five things the Cavs must improve on in order to win the series, starting with number five:

Don’t dig themselves a first quarter hole

The Cavs trailed very early in this game, starting off down 14-2 and only scoring 15 points in the first quarter. This could be a result of not playing since last Sunday vs the Celtics, but there is no excuse for starting off that bad. The Cavs allowed Mike Dunleavy to shoot 5-for-5 in the first quarter, which is unacceptable if they’re to shut down the Bulls outside game. The Bulls set the tone early and showed the Cavs they were the aggressor to start this series. In Game 2, the Cavs need to come out aggressive and ready to play.

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