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5 Changes Cavs Need To Make To Win Game 2

Cliff Hawkins | Getty Images

Game one was devastating for multiple reasons. We had a chance to win, we didn’t get the shot we should have, and then Kyrie limped away not to be seen again in uniform until next season. LeBron played a great game, albeit almost directly into the Warrior’s strategy. When the dust settled, though, it still only counts as one loss, and while the injury report has many analysts calling for the Cavs’ demise, there is more basketball to be played. Here are five keys to a game two victory for the Cavs.

5. Attack The Basket, Make Free Throws

The Cavs shot a forgettable 13-19 from the free throw line, compared to 20-22 for the Warriors. The percentage of made free throws certainly needs to improve in Game 2, but so does the number of attempts. That will happen if we attack the basket more, and settle for contested jump shots less. This includes everyone – LeBron, J.R., Delly, Shump, even Tristan if they choose to lay off of him. Outside of Draymond Green, no Warriors player committed more than two fouls. The game can change on every blow of the whistle, and if the Cavs are the aggressor, more of those whistles will go our way.

The number four thing the Cavs need to do to steal Game 2 tomorrow is on the next page!

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