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5 Biggest Threats To The Cavaliers’ Back-To-Back Finals Bid

Brian Spurlock l USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Cavaliers made a trip to the NBA Finals look easy last season. They swept the Celtics and Hawks while suffering a little adversity against Chicago. All of these series wins came with great sacrifice and injuries unfortunately played a huge part in the outcome of the NBA Finals, but getting to the June showdown was relatively easy for the Cavs. With most of the big free agents having signed deals and team rosters taking form, here are the five teams that would make it most difficult for the Cavaliers to reach back-to-back NBA Finals.

5. Indiana Pacers

The Pacers will be a new look team when the NBA season comes around. David West and Roy Hibbert have relocated but they have brought in an explosive shooting guard in Monta Ellis. Indiana will make a strong playoff push and could potentially make it difficult for the Cavs because they will have a healthy superstar in Paul George. Pairing him with Monta Ellis will make for a deadly combination. There’s still uncertainty with the frontline of this team but these two elite scorers could do some big things come playoff time and that threat alone makes the Pacers a very dangerous group.

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