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5 Best Ways the Cavs Can Improve Their Bench Production

Lynne Sladky | AP Photo

The Cavalier’s bench has had an up-and-down year, but will be asked to provide much more if Cleveland is to make a championship run. The bench is not entirely short on talent or experience, so the potential is there for them to make a huge impact to finish the regular season and in the playoffs.

Here are five ways that the Cavs can get the most out of the players coming off the bench.

5. Do Not Play Tristan Thompson And Timofey Mozgov Together

Tristan Thompson has become one of the best bench rebounders in the NBA, and one of the best offensive rebounders in the entire NBA. He doesn’t bring much other than that on the offensive end, though, and when he shares the court with starter Timofey Mozgov, the court shrinks. The hot streak the Cavs have been on has been largely the result of the perimeter players playing to their strengths, and when Thompson and Mozgov play at the same time, there is less room on the floor for LeBron, Kyrie, and J.R. Smith to operate. This isn’t an easy thing to do with a 3 man rotation at the power forward/ center position, so Coach Blatt will need to be creative with LeBron and James Jones (at the 4-spot) to make the inside game work better.

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