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We have heard numerous reports over the past 2 weeks of potential deals involving Brendan Haywood. The reason teams are so interested in Haywood is due to his $10.5 million non-guaranteed contract. Whoever takes on his contract can waive him and get the available cap room, that includes the Cavs. So, here is a breakdown of the Cavs’ feasible trade options for the big man.

Nick Young

Another scorer off the bench is an option for the Cavs. Nick Young or “Swaggy P” as he is commonly referred to, is a streaky scorer with a strange attitude. He is a lot like J.R. Smith and you would believe a good situation might help the young kid. The Lakers are looking to dump salary in order to sign free agents Lou Williams and Brandon Bass, while also absorbing the contract of Roy Hibbert. This would be a win-win for the Lakers in that they dump Young’s salary and would also get to dump Haywood’s. Whether the Cavs think the streaky Nick Young is enough for their coveted contract in Haywood remains to be seen.

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Jose Calderon

The Cavs have shown interest in receiving a backup point guard. Dellavedova was serviceable in the Finals and made some big plays but he is meant to be a third option. Calderon would bring the Cavs veteran leadership and a facilitator on the second unit. Although this is extremely unlikely with the signing of Mo Williams, you can never have too much depth. The Knicks man consider this trade in order to dump salary and make a run at a big name free agent next season.

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Boris Diaw

These talks were reported before the free agency period began, and the Spurs have since picked up LaMarcus Aldrdige and David West. The Cavs could be interested in Diaw’s experience, shooting, and passing abilities off the bench. After striking out on David West and the Spurs picking him up, both teams could be in favor of this deal. After just having signed Aldridge, the Spurs could potentially want to dump some cap. This move wouldn’t be as good for the Cavs as a Joe Johnson or Jamal Crawford, but definitely would help their second unit if they want yet another big man to their already huge frontcourt.

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Jason Miller | Getty Images

Jason Miller | Getty Images

Joe Johnson

It was reported by Brian Windhorst of ESPN that the Cavs have engaged in talks with the Nets about a potential trade for Joe Johnson. The trade would involve Haywood and Anderson Varejao for Johnson. Talks are stagnant as of late largely due to the Cavs bein uncertain if they want to take on Johnson’s $24.8 million 2015-16 contract. But Dan Gilbert is reportedly willing to spend, so they could heat up again. Johnson is star talent and there is no doubt this is their best player options.

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Luis Sinco | Los Angeles Times

Luis Sinco | Los Angeles Times

Jamal Crawford

Reported even more recently is that the Cavs have had talks with the Clippers about potentially trading for Jamal Crawford. Crawford is a good scorer and perfect sixth man. He could serve as a good replacement for J.R. Smith if the Cavs don’t strike a deal with him. Details on this trade have not been released but it’s expected to be very similar to the Joe Johnson talks.