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5 Areas The Cleveland Cavaliers Need To Improve This Season

4. Keeping Players Healthy

While this isn’t something Cleveland can do too much about, the injury situation is getting out of hand. Cleveland are still waiting on the 2015/16 debuts of their starting backcourt (Irving & Shumpert), and have seen Mozgov, Smith and Williams miss games due to injuries. David Griffin has done an excellent job of adding depth to this squad, and that’s what helped them to an 12-4 start even with a hampered squad.

The news keeps getting better regarding a Kyrie Irving return, while Shumpert just has to wait for the bones to heal. The approach for the Cavs and their injured guys has to be patience. Let’s face it, Cleveland would find themselves with a high playoff seed in the East with LeBron James and 12 6th graders, so there’s no need to rush back Kyrie and Shump.

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