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5 Areas The Cleveland Cavaliers Need To Improve This Season

3. Ball Movement

This one isn’t so much a need to improve, but a need to continue a trend.

When Cleveland revert back to an isolation basketball game, it sucks to watch. Finding LeBron on the wing possession after possession watching his do weird dance moves and throwing in a couple thousand jab steps gets old pretty quick. It also becomes very predictable and easy to defend for opposition teams. But when the Cavs start whipping the ball around the court, they become an incredibly tough team to beat.

After LeBron went public with members of the media saying that Cleveland needed to drastically improve their drive and hunger for winning, things have been visibly different. A standout of those efforts has definitely been ball movement and each player working their behind off to get themselves open.

There were more than a few occasions during Monday night’s blowout victory against Orlando that had me loudly clapping and cheering in my living room, gleefully watching as the Cavs kept racking up assists whipping the ball around in the front court.

Matthew Dellavedova played a mountain of minutes in the absence of Mo and Kyrie, and did so brilliantly. He finished with 9 dimes initiating the offense, while LeBron led the way with 13 assists.

Cleveland rank as the fourth best team in the NBA with 25.1 APG, and rank third best in the league with a 64.4 assist percentage (percentage of teammate field goals a player assisted while he was on the floor).

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