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5 Areas Cleveland Must Clean Up To Win Game 5

Somehow, someway, the Cleveland Cavaliers have survived playing well below their potential to retain home-court advantage and their chances to advance to the Eastern Conference Finals. Despite everything, playoff history shows that if Cleveland wins Game 5, they have an 82 percent chance to win the series. That said, it is no easy feat to defeat the Chicago Bulls, leaving Cleveland no room for error or any sluggish play. Here are five areas the Cavs need to clean up in order to take Game 5, starting with number 1:

1. The 3 Ball

The Cavs’ shooting woes lingered into Game 4 against the Bulls, with the most scrutiny being directed toward LeBron James and Kyrie Irving. LeBron has shot 2-19 from three-point range and Kyrie shooting a modest, yet subpar 5-14. The worst shooting performance as a team occurred in Game 4, with the team collectively shooting 20 percent from behind the arc. Miraculously, the Cavs pulled off a surreal win at the hands of LeBron James with one of the greatest shots in his storied career. With such streaky shooting, it is crucial for the Cavs to not become overwhelmed and discouraged by the recent lack of buckets, as Game 4 was the first game in the playoffs where the Cavs couldn’t reach 90 points. Coming home to a familiar crowd where the Cavs have averaged 102.5 points per playoff game this year should get this star-studded squad back on track. In addition, J.R. Smith will be playing in his first home playoff game against the Bulls after missing the first two due a suspension from the Boston series. He has provided a much-needed spark in both games against the Bulls on the road in the fourth quarter, shooting 50.0% from deep.

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